About Us

Like most startups, Simple Saris was created to address an issue. Specifically, we wanted to rent a stylish sari at an affordable price (i.e., we didn’t want to forgo health insurance or Halo Top ice cream). Yet, the only options online were dated (see: 1970s Bollywood), overloaded with questionable patterns (see: motel carpet), and expensive (see: credit card debt)—not to mention nothing was rentable. Therefore, we launched this company to make the process a whole lot simpler (see: what I did there).

Whether you’re looking for a sari for an elegant event or an evening with aunties, we have you covered with over 40 sophisticated pieces that are delivered directly to you. There’s no longer a need to spend hundreds of dollars on a sari that can only be posted once on Instagram. Keep things simple.

Rent. Return. Repeat.