How to Wrap a Sari

How do I wrap a sari? Ha! You ask like it’s directions to the nearest Starbucks or a simple request for the time. As if all the wizardry put into a well-wrapped sari can be passed down via “make two lefts, one right, and pleat the hell out of everything.”

You want the truth? Find an auntie (Indian mom usually over forty) and tell her she’s smart and beautiful. Then, before she can reply, pull the sari from behind your back while making a sad I’m a lost puppy and just need some help face. If she’s evil, she’ll ignore your poor ploy and let you go at it alone, which will certainly have you walking into the party looking like a mobile bed sheet—I’m picturing Casper the Ghost with henna on his arms and a nose ring. Though, since most aunties are wonderful, she’ll probably pat your head, wrap your sari, and then force you to sit for chai while asking you why you aren’t married yet.

Don’t have an auntie within driving distance? Well, fortunately there’s the internet. Do know that there are almost 100 ways to wrap a sari so there’s no right or wrong way (well, asides from the Casper look). Watch our video that highlights one of the more popular ways to wrap a sari!

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