Blouses 101

So, what kind of blouse do I wear and why don’t you give me one?!

In India, blouses are tailored according to the buyer’s measurements, usually from the same fabric of the sari (i.e, they usually match). It’s worth noting that tailors/alterations are extremely affordable there, something that most of us don’t have in the United States. Blouses are basically fitted crop tops – with all sorts of necklines, sleeves, and designs; usually, the back of the blouse is more detailed since the sari covers the front of the blouse.

I would attend Indian events as a young girl and would adore older women wearing saris (wearing a sari for the first time is the Indian version of a Bat Mitzvah). I use a Jewish reference because my husband is Jewish #HinJews #Cece&Schmidt. So, when I was 15 years old and had an Indian wedding to attend that evening with my family, I wore a plain black tank top from Forever 21 (back when they were $1.80 each) and asked my mother to wrap me in one of her saris and to no one’s surprise, I fell in love. Sort of like the day I tried on my wedding dress and just knew that was the one. Talk about the when you just know feeling (anyone else binge watch SYTTD?)

Since then, I find any excuse to wear a sari, mainly because it makes me feel like a goddess. I like to wear saris with crop tops that make the sari really pop (i.e., blue sari with gold strappy crop top or a white sari with a hot pink blouse); I usually buy them from Zara, Asos, Express, or H&M. While creating Simple Saris, I’m certain that most, if not all, women own a few crop tops in different colors and ideally, one will match a sari on our website (having a white, black, gold, or silver crop top is more than perfect)! See below for a few of my favorite picks:

Aritzia – $58 (different colors)

Lulus – $26 (different colors)

Amazon – $16.99 (gold sequin)

Revolve – $54 (gold halter)

Asos – $87 (light pink, beaded)

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