Men’s Indian Outfits


Sherwani’s originated from North India and were worn by Mughal royalty. These are the fanciest option out of all men’s outfits and are a timeless option. The structured tops vary in length, cuts, and designs and are worn with matching or contrast pants and a dupatta (scarf). Usually, the groom will wear a Sherwani to his wedding ceremony. If you aren’t familiar with the different types of Indian wedding events, read this post.

Kurta Pajama 

A kurta (top) is a collared, knee-length top that can be paired with matching or contrast pants (these could be straight, loose, or even jeans). You can choose from different options of fabric, which include cotton, silk, or brocade. (Pro tip: wear a white tee underneath as these could sometimes get itchy). 


We love the jacket option since you can wear it over a kurta pajama or even chinos and a button down. We would recommend rocking this look to the wedding ceremony (as a replacement to your suit jacket) and then switching the Indian jacket with the suit jacket for the reception.  

Where do I purchase this? 

I absolutely love when the groomsmen wear matching kurta pajamas to the Sangeet event – they look adorable when they perform their choreographed Bollywood dance. I had to dig around the Internet to purchase five matching outfits for the groomsmen at my wedding, and recommend the following websites:

CBazaar– I purchased Art Silk kurta pajamas here when they were running a Buy 1 Get 2 Free promotion. They came well-stiched and the colors looked the same as the website. Be sure to look at the “dispatch date” to ensure you receive them on time. This also seems to be the most reasonable option.  

Utsav Fashion

Sizing Help? 

Fortunately, most Indian pants are one-size: the top of the pants is tied to fit the waist and can be worn higher or lower to account for height. To purchase, you only need the man’s chest size in inches (similar to a suit jacket). 

*All photos used in this post are taken by Channa Photography.

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