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Man in India wedding outfit rental

Men’s Indian Outfits

Sherwani Sherwani’s originated from North India and were worn by Mughal royalty. These are the fanciest option out of all men’s outfits and are a timeless option. The structured tops vary in length, cuts, and designs and are worn with matching or contrast pants and a dupatta (scarf). Usually, the groom will wear a Sherwani […]

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Beautiful Indian women for simple sairee

Women’s Indian Outfits

There are probably as many types of Indian clothes as languages in India (22 major languages, 13 different scripts, and over 720 dialects) – we’re just going to mention a few of the popular ones… Salwar Kameez A salwar kameez is a combination of pants, a loose fitted top of varying lengths, and a dupatta […]

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Hindu Weddings Explained

So, you may have heard rumors about Hindu (Indian) Weddings – and I want to let you know the rumors are true. Indian weddings are extravagant, insanely beautiful, and go on for multiple days. Read on to learn more about the different wedding events.  Sangeet Ceremony What should I expect during the night?  The Sangeet ceremony […]

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